To become a Certified CMMC Assessor (CCA)

CMMC CCA course

A CCP is a person seeking to become responsible for the assessment, examination, verification, and review of an organization for compliance to a respective level of CMMC standards. They will utilize compliance checklists prescribed by the CMMC standard to control scope and ensure fairness in applied criteria. Assessors may work for a C3PAO or be independent.A CCP is eligible to become CMMC Certified Assessor (CCA), participates up to CMMC Level 2 assessments, and holds a valuable credential reflecting the training to understand the CMMC requirements for a Defense supplier.

  • Review the CCP Blueprint to understand if you are ready to pursue becoming a CMMC assessor.
  • Complete the CCP application process to obtain your CMMC Professional Number (CPN).
    • Note: You are not required to complete the application process and have a CPN before pursuing training with an LTP, however, if you want to take the CCP exam, you must provide a CPN to your selected Licensed Training Provider (LTP) by the completion of your training so they can upload your successful training completion into the CAICO tracking system.
  • Take CCP training with an LTP. LTPs can be found through the CMMC Central Marketplace.
    • Note: Only individuals successfully trained by an LTP will have access to register to take the CCP exam. A candidate cannot pursue becoming a Certified CMMC Assessor (CCA) without earning their CCP certification first.
  • Sign the Professional Code of Conduct (CoPC)
  • Complete the training survey provided by the AB
    • Note: Date of survey release TBD, but if you have successfully completed training and your LTP has submitted your information with CPN, you will receive a notification once the survey goes live. To check if your training has been marked as complete, log into your account to view your profile status.
  • Pay exam fee, register for exam, and take and pass CCP certification exam

Important: If you are a Provisional Assessor (PA), you are required to achieve your CCP certification within six (6) months from the official exam release. If you do not successfully pass the exam within this 6-month window, you will lose your PA status and will be required to start the program over by re-training with an LTP.

If you have already pre-purchased a discounted exam voucher(s) in 2020, you will receive an email with exam registration instructions in September.

If you plan to pursue the Certified CMMC Assessor (CCA) certification, to participate on Level 2 assessments, and you are a US citizen and have successfully completed your CCP training you will be notified about completing the suitability process.

    • Review, complete and submit your suitability application.
      • Note: The suitability process is a DoD process and the staff at the CAICO have no visibility into the status of the application once it has been submitted. The CAICO is notified of the findings at the same time as the candidate. Therefore, we cannot respond to suitability status update requests. The process does take a significant amount of time and could take up to six (6) months or more to complete.

To become a DoD certified Level 2 assessor, beyond the CCA training and certification, also requires the participation on three (3) Level 2 assessments as a team member. These three (3) assessments must be completed prior to becoming an “official” DoD certified assessor.

    • Note: There is a waiver process and requirements, and restrictions for a CCP to participate on these assessments. The waiver process is currently being finalized by the DoD, once it has been approved this page will be updated with the process and details regarding the waiver process.