CMMC Training

Train with AG Grace Cybersecurity Experts and gain indispensable security skills and a clear competitive advantage for your career. Organizations seeking CMMC (OSCs), lead the way by transforming your employees into incredible assets who will guide your organization to CMMC success.

Certified CMMC Assessor (CCA) Training

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) program provides a standard model and process for conducting a conformity assessment of Department of Defense (DoD) suppliers and services providers. Organizations wanting to provide products and services to the DoD will be required to demonstrate their cybersecurity competency and compliance under the CMMC program. A Certified CMMC Assessor (CCA) applies a rigorous Assessment Process to ensure the relevant security controls have been effectively implemented and that there is evidence that these controls can be sustained.

Certified CMMC Professional (CCP) Training

The Future is Crystal Clear.

DoD says that Federal Contractors (all affected contractors and subcontractors and those who plan to bid for defense contracts) should be Prepared to Comply by the End of Fiscal Year 2023. This is considerably a massive endeavor engaging and affecting over 300,000 primary contractors and subcontractors, both small and large. 

I am a Cybersecurity Professional. How does CMMC  CCP Certification help me?

As a Cybersecurity Professional who is looking for the next opportunity to grow, look no further. The CMMC 2.0 Certification entitles you to use the Cyber AB Certified Professional Logo, to participate as an Assessment Team Member under the supervision of a Lead Assessor, and to be listed in the CMMC Marketplace. If you dream even bigger to become a Certified CMMC Assessor (CCA), CCP Certification provides the entry gateway into the path to becoming a CCA.

I am a stakeholder in a DIB (Defense Industrial Base) Organization. How does CMMC  CCP Certification help us?

As you are already familiar, CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification) is a program which measures an organization’s initial cybersecurity program maturity and ongoing compliance with respective cybersecurity practices and integration of corresponding policies and plans into the overall business operations. Upon the implementation of CMMC 2.0, all the organizations providing products and services to the US Department of Defense (DoD) must comply with the requirements at their applicable CMMC Level. To be on the move, to keep up with existing contracts and win forthcoming contracts, you need a reliable someone/team to make CMMC Success happen for your business. Train your CMMC team/expert with AG Grace.

We are a Cyber AB certified Licensed Training Provider with years of strong experience in the Cybersecurity Field. We can accommodate to train your specialist or your entire team. Don’t Get Left Behind. Get Started Now!

The CCA and CCP Training Programs offered by AG Grace, Inc. are available on Weekdays, Weekends and Evening Times to fit your schedule and are available as Virtual Instructor-led or In-Person Training (availability of In-Person Training is subject to change).

Who can benefit from the CCP Training from AG Grace?

  • Employees of Organizations Seeking CMMC Certification, especially the DoD Contractors that constitute the Defense Industrial Base (DIB)
  • Cybersecurity Professionals and Managers
  • Consultants who want to provide OSCs with CMMC guidance
  • Individuals who are interested in becoming Certified CMMC Assessor or CCA.
  • The training is also open to anyone who may want to acquire a foundational knowledge of the new CMMC requirements, but are not interested in getting a Certification.
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What are the US Citizenship Requirements for CCP Certification?

U.S. citizenship is not required for obtaining a CCP certification for those who are not interested in participating as a CMMC Assessment Team Member. For those who want to participate as a CMMC Assessment Team Member, they need to be a U.S. Person. U.S. citizenship is required to participate as a team member on CMMC Level 2 assessments. For updated information, check the Cyber AB website.

What are the CCP Exam Prerequisites for CCP Certification?

  • College degree in a cyber or information technical field or 2+ years of related experience or education; or 2+ years of equivalent experience (including military) in a cyber, information technology, or assessment field; and 
  • Suggested CompTIA A+ or equivalent knowledge/experience; and 
  • Complete Certified CMMC Professional Class offered by a Licensed Training Provider (LTP); and 
  • Pass DOD CUI Awareness Training no earlier than three months prior to the exam.

(Note: Check the CyberAB website for updated information)

What will I learn through the CCP Training at AG Grace?

In this training course, you will learn about the CMMC Model, framework, context, and application within the DoD, as well as the expectations and requirements imposed upon organizations that do business with the DoD. It will also help students to identify threats to cybersecurity and privacy within an IoT ecosystem and implement appropriate countermeasures.

You will: 

  • Identify the threats to the Defense Supply Chain and the established regulations and standards for managing the risk.
  • Identify the sensitive information that needs to be protected within the Defense Supply Chain and how to manage it.
  • Describe how the CMMC Model ensures compliance with federal acquisitions regulations.
  • Identify responsibilities of the Certified CMMC Professional, including appropriate ethical behavior.
  • Establish the Certification and Assessment scope boundaries for evaluating the systems that protect regulated information.
  • Prepare the OSC for an Assessment by evaluating readiness.
  • Use the CMMC Assessment Guides to determine and assess the Evidence for practices.
  • Implement and evaluate practices required to meet CMMC Level 1.
  • Identify the practices required to meet CMMC Level 2.
  • As a CCP, work through the CMMC Assessment process.

If you are interested to learn more, download the CCP, CCA or Foundation Training Course brochures 

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    Why Should I Choose to Train with AG Grace?

    1. You train with our Cybersecurity Experts who are also the best teachers, so that you can benefit from their expert knowledge and get ready to provide value from day one at your work.

    2. You get comprehensive learning material to prepare for your certification exam, when you train with us:

    •  Logical Operations Course Material
    •  Electronic Book
    •  Hard Copy
    •  CCP Pre-test on the Choice Website
    •  CCP Sample Test Questions
    •  Newsletter
    •  Insight Articles

    3. We root for your certification and career success and do our best to ensure that the training process is nothing less than excellence.

    There are Great Rewards for Hard Work. The CCP Professional Benefits are as follows:

    Authorized to participate as an assessment team member under the supervision of a Certified CMMC Assessor

    Eligible to become a Certified CMMC Assessor

    Valuable credential as an employee with the training to understand the requirements of CMMC for a DoD supplier

    Authorized to use the Certified CMMC Professional logo

    Listed in the CMMC-AB Marketplace

    AG Grace is a Cyber AB Certified Licensed Training Provider (LTP)

    Our Cybersecurity Experts have many years of experience in the Cybersecurity field who will help you master the CMMC knowledge, acquire the cyber skills necessary for CMMC implementation on the field in your daily operations. Weekday, Weekend, Evening Training Times are available for the CCP and CCA Training programs through online, live, expert-led instruction. Take Action and Enroll Now!

    AG Grace Inc, is a Cyber AB Certified Licensed Training Provider LTP

    As an LTP, our Trainers provide education and training services to colleges, universities, online and professional schools and have extensive experience teaching cyber security, risk management and governance. In addition, they hold these recognized certifications, Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Information System Auditor (CISA), Certified Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC), and Cyber Security Audit Certifications (CSA).