We are a small, responsive and agile team. Our superior service, at-most attention to detail, an understanding of our customer’s needs, our understanding of the current environment and our innovative approach to solving customer problems are our primary differentiators.

Government Customers

For our Government Clients we specialize in assessing your compliance with the NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF) in addition to the following services: 

  •   Continuous IT Controls Assessments 
  •    Business Continuity Management 
  •    Security Incident Management 
  •    Threat and Vulnerability Management
  •     IT Policy Management 

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Corporate Customers

 We help our corporate customers to:

  • Define their problems
  • Analyze and or identify both their articulated and unarticulated needs
  • Integrate solutions based upon our active cyber defense framework (ACD) that will introduce solutions and tools to provide sensing, sense making, decision making and acting. 

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