AG Grace takes a risk-based PHASED approach to managing information security and involves the following activities

This phased approach is a continual cycle and as organizations evolve and as activities such as assessments and monitoring reveal gaps and ineffective controls relevant to the ML they can be mitigated as soon as possible.


  • Phased approach captures all requirements
  • Phased approach reduces overwhelming resources
  • Phased approach increases ROI
  • Phased approach helps identify cost savings
  • Phased approach lowers implementation costs
  • Phased approach easily aligns with customers business model
  • Identifies weaknesses within implemented controls
  • Confirms previously identified weaknesses are mitigated
  • Provides support and planning for future budgetary requirements

Our decades of hands-on experience interpreting and applying the NIST frameworks for the Department of Defense and defense contractors in manufacturing, lab, and engineering environments speed your efforts to integrate the required controls across your existing infrastructure. We provide turnkey solutions powered by the full complement of required IT, cybersecurity, and NIST expertise.

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