CCA Exam Information

CMMC CCA course

1.   Important: Please use the CCA Blueprint as a study resource, it can be found on Cyber AB  website  cmmc-ab-cca-blueprint-12-14-22-Final v3.3 (Public).pdf

2.   The CCA is not an open book exam, exam details will be updated prior to the exam launch in mid-December 2022.

3.   You will receive an exam registration email from Scantron/Meazure Learning within 1 business day from the completion of your CCA entitlements, see how to complete your entitlements here: Complete CCA Registration

4.       If you haven’t received your registration email within 1 business day, please contact Scantron/Meazure Learning customer support at or call 919-572-6880.

5.       The CCA exam is available beginning December 16th, 2022 and is being delivered by Scantron/Meazure Learning (which you may also see referred to as Proctoru). You can either choose to test at a Scantron/Meazure Learning location, see locations here: Test Site Cities | Scantron or via a proctored remote testing event, see system browser requirements here: System Requirements | Scantron.


Entitlement Requirements for Certified CMMC Assessor (CCA) Exam:

(You must be a certified CCP to pursue the CCA exam, you must also have completed the following entitlements)

A.      Complete CCA Application

B.      Sign Code of Professional Conduct (CoPC) – this should only need to be re-signed if there are updates to the CoPC within the year of your previous signing. Each year you will be required to re-sign the CoPC. 

C.      Sign Individual Service Agreement (ISA) – this should only need to be re-signed if there are updates to the ISA within the year of your previous signing. Each year you will be required to re-sign the ISA.

D.      Successfully complete the CCA training with an approved Licensed Training Provider (LTP). Your selected LTP will provide your completion information to the CAICO, you will see your training entitlement checked off once this has been completed.

E.       Pay your $350 exam fee.

F.       CCA Exam Passed – this will be checked once the passing exam results are provided.  

Note: No CCA badge or Marketplace listing will be generated until the CCA candidate has also passed suitability and have completed their three (3) Level 2 assessment participation requirements.

CCA Exam Additional Resources

1.   CCA Blueprint review, understanding the blueprint domains and required knowledge/skills. To view the video, click here.

2.   The CMMC Assessment Process (CAP) version 5.6.1, approved for training by the DoD CMMC PMO is available through your Licensed Training Provider (LTP) or within the Cyber AB Learning Management System (LMS) for Provisional Assessors within the CCP Delta Course.