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    Frontline workers are an essential part of every healthcare organization—they are the first to engage patients, see tools and services in action, and represent the care industry. However, many frontline workers are held back by legacy tools and processes, often making them the last to experience the transformational benefits of modern technology. Partners are uniquely positioned to help healthcare businesses transform their frontlines into a competitive advantage by empowering their workers with leading communication and collaboration software. This week will introduce Microsoft Teams solution and highlight how AI-powered technology is revolutionizing how businesses think about solutions for their deskless workers.
    Content to share for this week includes a new e-book around the power of AI capabilities available for frontline healthcare workers in Copilot for Microsoft 365; a Forrester TEI study that covers the benefits of Microsoft Teams; and a Forbes article that discusses how AI boosts healthcare productivity, cybersecurity, and communications. This week, an email is included to drive downloads of the new e-book and garner interest in your services for supporting frontline challenges.

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